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Powered by nature, Wind Generators will transform the slightest breeze into a dynamic display of color and motion. By combining gigantic size, with eye-catching movement and bright colors, Premier wind generators add a stimulating focal point to any location.
No other flag, banner, or wind-spinner, can match the attention-getting, visual impact of our Giant-Sized Wind Generators.

These eye-catching, decorative windmills slowly revolve with the wind, imparting a tranquil motion into the huge, color-filled sails. Imagine the enjoyment of having this mesmerizing ambiance in your own Yard...Garden…Patio…or Play-Space.
Colors and styles for any event, all in stock for immediate shipping.

Color & Motion, Powered by the Wind...

Wind Generators in Action...

Marketing / Advertising

Shop-owners, Realtors, and Auto dealers, increase visibility by using Wind Generators to highlight existing signs and displays.
Toyota dealerNothing captures attention better than
Color & Motion...

2 people
Like Pinwheels in the Sky...

Take advantage of the attention-getting Motion and bright colors to advertise your location.parking lotOperates 24/7
Powered by the Wind

spacerAvailable in 3 Giant Sizes!   (drawn to scale)
small wind spinnerCarmedium pinwheelTreelarge windmill 

     6.5' Diameter                    9.5' Diameter                       12.5' Diameter

Available in 3 Giant Sizes! (drawn to scale)

small wind spinner Car

6.5' Diameter

medium pinwheel Tree

9.5' Diameter

large windmill

12.5' Diameter

Kinetic Wind Art that blends bright colors with alluring motion, to harmonize with any landscape...

Yard Art
Garden Decor
Lawn Ornaments
Patio / Deck

Completely portable, and easy to setup for your next outdoor event...


A Dynamic display for any location!

Wind Generator Styles
See All the Color-Styles Here

Wind Generator package
Wind Generators can be completely assembled in minutes, and fit inside the included storage bag. 48"x6"
Manufactured from the highest quality components.
Stainless Steel hardware, Anodized aluminum masts,
and SolarMax Outdoor Fabric, developed by DuPont®.
hub assembly
   Stainless Steel Axle
    with Composite Hub
Anodized Aluminum Mast
with Brass Locking Buttons
Fiberglass Rods
with Vinyl end-caps
Stitching detail
Industrial Quality Stitching with Critical Reinforcements

Built with Quality, to outlast the elements!

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