Frequently Asked Questions

Do Wind Generators require assembly?

  Setup is simple, and easily accomplished in 10 minutes or less.
  These Decorative Windmills include everything required for an impressive display.

Do I need any special tools to setup or install Wind Generators?
  All you need is a hammer, used to drive the steel mounting stake into the ground.

Do Wind Generators require any maintenance?
  Not at all. They are completely maintenance free.
  Simple spot cleaning can be done with a drop of dish soap and a damp towel.

Is the fabric durable in the wind, sun, and rain?
  Yes! Wind Generators are made with high-performance SolarMax® fabric, developed by DuPont.™
  Colorfast and durable, SolarMax fabric has superior resistance to UV rays, the leading cause of failure
  for other types of fabrics, flags and "Yard Art".

Can I leave it outside permanently?
  Absolutely. Wind Generators incorporate Stainless Steel hardware, Anodized Aluminum Masts, and
  Fade Resistant SolarMax fabric. They are designed to withstand the outdoor elements, 365 days a year.

Do they pack down easily for transport.
  Yes! Wind Generators are compact and portable. Take them with you anywhere...
  These Giant Pinwheels fit neatly into the included storage bag, about 4’ long and 6”dia.

How much wind is required to make them work?
  The wind range is 1-18mph, about the same as an American Flag, or banner.
  Wind Generator wind spinners are very efficient, and begin to rotate with the slightest breeze.
  As the wind picks up, the unique speed-governor adjusts the sails, and automatically regulates the motion.

Do Wind Generators have a warranty?
  Certainly! If any part should fail, due to a manufacturing defect within the first year, the defective part will
  be promptly replaced at no charge.

Are the assembly instructions Online?
  Sure, Take a look here.  Printed instructions are also included with every Wind Generator we ship.

How long does shipping take?
  Delivery times vary by location, but generally arrive within 5 days.
  We Stock all sizes and colors, ready for immediate shipping within the lower 48 States.

How will my order be shipped?
  Most orders are shipped via FedEx, but we may use Priority mail, depending on your location.
  Shipping charges will be calculated and displayed during the checkout process, before you finalize your order.

Is there a discount for buying more than one?
  Shipping charges are automatically discounted during the checkout process.
  If you need more than a dozen Wind Generators at one time, please contact us for pricing.

Is my information secure at
  Yes! We do not collect or store, any of your credit card, or personal information on our website.
  All purchases are processed through PayPal, the most secure Online payment processor in the world.

What's the best way to get more information?
  You can contact us by email at:

Will Wind Generators make my whole life better?
    The grass will look greener,
       Food will taste better,
         The air will smell sweeter,
            And a bright, sunny spot, will always follow you and your Wind Generator...

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